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1056 East 2100 South
Salt Lake City, Utah 84106
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Deka Lash applies single hair eyelash extensions. Cute, sexy, glamorous, or natural looks, custom designed to make you look beautiful. Our highly trained, creative lash artists, ensure that your lashes look great. Eyelash extensions can be worn everyday for any activity including work, school, taking the kids to practice, or working out at the gym.

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Lash Services at this Location

Classic Eyelash Extensions - Volume Lash Extensions - Two Tone Extensions

Meet The Owners

Steve and Liz Gordon

About the Owners

We're committed to helping empower women by providing careers in this growing industry, and contributing to non-profit organizations dedicated to encouraging and empowering girls and women. What excites us most about Deka Lash is that eyelash extensions are the fastest growing segment of the beauty industry, and Deka Lash’s people and products are unmatched.